Russia Standard Fire Alarm Cable

Russia Standard Fire Alarm Cable Russia Standard Fire Alarm Cable
Details :

Product Description

Cables symmetrical,twisted pair,with single copper conductor cross-section from 0.2 to 2.5mm2,
with the isolation of fire-resistant silicone rubber sheathed in PVC low flammability with low smoke and gas evolution.
The shell is orange.

Designed for group use,fixed installations in fire protection systems,including fire alarm systems,
warning systems and evacuation,automatic fire extinguishing systems,smoke protection systems,
as well as in other important life-support systems,which should keep working in a fire,used indoors and outdoors.

Cable KPSng-FRLS should have a low smoke and gas evolution,having a class of fire danger P1.
in accordance with Russian standards R 53315-2009.Cables must meet the regulatory
requirements of the Technical Regulations on fire safety,including established in Russian standard
R 53315-2009 p.5.3 PRGP 1(category A combustion-proliferation group laying)p.5.8 to 1(fire-resistance for 180 minutes)

Order Information

Part No. Product Type
JBFA11 KPSng(A)-FRLS 1x2x0.2 cable
JBFA12 KPSng(A)-FRLS 1x2x0.35 cable
JBFA13 KPSng(A)-FRLS 1x2x0.5 cable
JBFA14 KPSng(A)-FRLS 1x2x0.75 cable
JBFA15 KPSng(A)-FRLS 1x2x1.0 cable
JBFA16 KPSng(A)-FRLS 1x2x1.5 cable
JBFA17 KPSng(A)-FRLS 1x2x2.5 cable
JBFA18 KPSng(A)-FRLS 2x2x0.2 cable
JBFA19 KPSng(A)-FRLS 2x2x0.35 cable
JBFA20 KPSng(A)-FRLS 2x2x0.5 cable
JBFA21 KPSng(A)-FRLS 2x2x0.75 cable
JBFA22 KPSng(A)-FRLS 2x2x1.0 cable
JBFA23 KPSng(A)-FRLS 2x2x1.5 cable
JBFA24 KPSng(A)-FRLS 2x2x2.5 cable
JBFA25 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 1x2x0.2 cable
JBFA26 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 1x2x0.35 cable
JBFA27 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 1x2x0.5 cable
JBFA28 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 1x2x0.75 cable
JBFA29 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 1x2x1.0 cable
JBFA30 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 1x2x1.5 cable
JBFA31 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 1x2x2.5 cable
JBFA32 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 2x2x0.2 cable
JBFA33 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 2x2x0.35 cable
JBFA34 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 2x2x0.5 cable
JBFA35 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 2x2x0.75 cable
JBFA36 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 2x2x1.0 cable
JBFA37 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 2x2x1.5 cable
JBFA38 KPS(screened)(A)-FRLS 2x2x2.5 cable

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